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dc.contributorBrian Wetton
dc.contributor.authorBrian Wetton
dc.descriptioncovering the use of eigenanalysis to understand the frequencies of vibration and the decay rates of oscillations in multi-mass spring systems. This was a lab which showed the students that using MATLAB could allow them to understand what was happening in systems that were too large to do by hand computation. However, understanding of the connection of the eigen-analysis to the solutions of the DEs was needed. This reinforced the connection between the lectures and the labs - computer lab #6
dc.publisherUBC Science Education Initiative Materials Archive
dc.rightsCC BY-NC 3.0
dc.subjectDifferential equations
dc.titlelab #6
dc.typeLearning Object
dcterms.educationLevelUndergraduate (Lower Division)
dcterms.rightsHolderAuthor(s) of Item
ubc.itemTypeLab/Field Activities
ubc.courseMATH 256
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