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Item TypeTitleSubjectAuthor(s)Issue DateAccess
PaperDevelopment of a General Undergraduate Estimation Skills Survey (GUESS)physics and astronomy; surveysAndrew Macdonald; Sarah Burke; Cynthia Heiner2013Publisher
PosterDevelopment of an Introductory Oceanography Concept Inventory Surveyearth and ocean sciences; concept inventory; surveysLeilani Arthurs; Thomas Marchitto2008Open
PaperDevelopment of the Concise Data Processing Assessmentphysics and astronomy; diagnosticJames Day; Doug Bonn2011Open
PaperDifferent but equal? How nonmajors and majors approach and learn geneticslife sciences; non-majors; comparing student groupsJennifer Knight; Michelle Smith2010Open
OverviewDifferential EquationsDifferential equationsBrian Wetton2012-08-29Open
PosterDoes Taking an Introductory Astronomy Course Increase Student Understanding of the Nature of Science?physics and astronomy; nature of scienceDouglas Duncan; Leilani Arthurs2009Open
PaperDoing science or doing a lab? Engaging students with scientific reasoning during physics lab experimentsphysics and astronomy; reasoning skills; student engagement; laboratoryNatasha Holmes; Doug Bonn2013Publisher
OverviewEarth Science for EngineersEarth ScienceErik Eberhardt; Ulrich Mayer2014-06-06Open
Learning Goals/ObjectivesEarthquakes - Learning GoalsNatural DisastersRoland Stull; Erik Eberhardt; Mary Lou Bevier; Stuart Sutherland; Joel Finnis; Graham Andrews; Brett Gilley2009-10-08Open
PaperEducational transformation in upper-division physics: The Science Education Initiative model, outcomes, and lessons learnedphysics and astronomy; course transformation; SEIStephanie Chasteen; Bethany Wilcox; Marcos Caballero; Katherine Perkins; Steven Pollock; Carl Wieman2015Open
PaperEffective closed labs in early CS courses: lessons from eight terms of action researchcomputer science; general; laboratoryElizabeth Patitsas; Steven Wolfman2012Publisher
Assignments/ HomeworkEigenvalues and Eigenvectors - 2008S Homework 7Applied Linear AlgebraRichard Froese2009-02-25Open
Assignments/ HomeworkEigenvalues and Eigenvectors - 2008S Homework 8Applied Linear AlgebraRichard Froese2009-02-25Open
Lecture NotesEigenvalues and Eigenvectors - 2008S Lecture notes on Principal Co-ordinate AnalysisApplied Linear AlgebraRichard Froese2008-12-08Open
Learning Goals/ObjectivesElectrons as Waves; Probability Waves - Electrons as Waves; Probability Waves learning goalsModern PhysicsCarl Wieman2009-09-17Open
Lecture NotesElectrons as Waves; Probability Waves - Matter Waves - June 3, 2009Modern PhysicsCarl Wieman2009-08-13Open
Lecture NotesElectrons as Waves; Probability Waves - Wave Functions - June 10, 2009Modern PhysicsCarl Wieman2009-08-13Open
Lecture NotesElectrons as Waves; Probability Waves - Wave Functions and Uncertainty Principle - June 8, 2009Modern PhysicsCarl Wieman2009-08-13Open
In-Class ActivitiesElectrons as Waves; Probability Waves - Wavepacket Repr. of Particles with Fourier Series/Transforms - June 5, 2009Modern PhysicsCarl Wieman2009-08-13Open
Lecture NotesEmission and Absorption of Light - Applications - lasers, etc. - May 25, 2009Modern PhysicsCarl Wieman2009-08-13Open