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dc.contributorCynthia Heiner
dc.contributor.authorCynthia Heiner
dc.descriptionStudents were given 5-10 mins at different points of the lecture (usually 2-3 times per lecture) to work on the worksheets in small groups. The instructor and TA walked around the room (avg. attendance: 170 students). Students picked up a worksheet on their way into class, so that each student had a copy to take home for practice/studying. Students were given feedback in different ways: * answer clicker question and use peer instruction * go over it at the front * use a student's solution to show at the front on the overhead projector * posted solutions online * demonstration of an experiment See lecture notes for corresponding worksheet number to see how they were embedded in the class. - SUPERPOSITION: standing wave, standing wave with two closed ends, one closed end and one open end, or two open ends; tension related to frequency and wave speed, graphing and equations for a standing wave, two sound sources interference, constructive and destructive interference, beats.
dc.publisherUBC Science Education Initiative Materials Archive
dc.rightsCC BY-NC 3.0
dc.subjectEnergy and Waves
dc.titlein-class worksheets: SUPERPOSITION (.doc)
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dcterms.educationLevelUndergraduate (Lower Division)
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ubc.itemTypeIn-Class Activities
ubc.coursePHYS 101
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