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Item Type: Learning Goals/Objectives
Subject(s): Natural Disasters
Title: Overarching Aspects - Course-level learning goals
Description: Course-level learning goals, as of Summer 2008, are Learning Goals for the Whole Course A. For earthquakes, volcanoes, landslides, storms, waves, and meteor impacts, you will: 1. Learn how they work. 2. Locate the dangerous places where they've often occurred. 3. Learn ways to observe and monitor them. 4. Find out why it's hard to forecast them. 5. Learn what you and your community can do to prepare for them. B. We will strive to: 1. Empower you to be a survivor. 2. Enable you to approach new challenges insightfully. 3. Sharpen your observations of nature. 4. Stimulate your excitement in our planet. - These are course-level learning goals as of Summer 2008. The file contains both course-level and lecture-level learning goals.
Author(s): Francis Jones
License: CC BY-NC 3.0
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Appears in Collections:UBC-EOSC 114: The Catastrophic Earth: Natural Disasters

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