About the archive

The Science Education Initiative Materials Archive (SEIMA) is a partially open access digital repository for educational resources created by the teaching and learning community of UBC. The archive aims to support educators disseminate their work to the broader science education community who are interested in adopting evidence-based instructional practices and student-centered learning pedagogy. It also serves to preserve course materials and data.

This archive contains course calendars, assignments, concept/clickers questions, demos & simulations, learning goals, laboratory & field activities, lecture notes, exams, comments on student difficulties, notes on the purpose and design of courses, and notes on the use and effectiveness of the materials. The system contains more than 1300 items developed by departments participating in the Science Education Initiatives at UBC and is intended to be an open resource for educators. Additional information science education initiatives past and present can be found on the Skylight website.

Materials in this archive are organized broadly by different areas of study. Each item contains detailed metadata that serves to classify items and help the user find what will best meet their needs. Topic, education level, and accessibility are only some of the ways each item is categorized. Browse the full collection, or refine results using the “Discover” or “Browse” tools.

UBC Skylight: Science Centre for Teaching and Learning maintains the archive. It is created using DSpace, an open-source repository application developed and managed by the Duraspace community.

If you wish to become a contributor, please visit the Contributors information page.


The Science Education Initiative Materials Archive is an updated version of the Science Education Initiative Course Materials System. The materials system was developed in 2007 as a way to make course materials openly available. Our new archive and some of its reorganization will help make those materials more accessible for both local and public users.