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Item Type: Assignments/ Homework
Subject(s): Energy and Waves
Title: FLUIDS - pre-reading assignments
Description: Every Friday a pre-reading assignment, consisting of a guided summary of what to read and several online quiz questions, was posted online. * Explicit instructions were given to the students on what to read, specific figures and examples to concentrate on, and questions to think about while reading. * At least two of the quiz questions would explicitly refer to a figure or example from the text, forcing students to open the book. Two questions would be about definitions or referring to equations in words, and the last two questions would be a little bit of reading comprehension. * The assignments were created to take 1 hour (reading + quiz). * The quiz was due before class on Mondays. Students were given ONE attempt. * Students were given instant feedback on which pages to look for answers and were given 2% of their total grade for pre-readings throughout the term. * We used Knight Physics for Scientists and Engineers, 2nd edition. 85 % of students reported READING the assigned text on a regular basis. > 50 % mentioned how they saw the connection to their learning and it was helpful for understanding lecture. - chapter 15 -- FLUIDS and ELASTICITY
Author(s): Cynthia Heiner
License: CC BY-NC 3.0
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