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dc.contributorBrian Wetton
dc.contributor.authorBrian Wetton
dc.descriptionThese are projected lecture material for each lecture of the course. These were printed (half sized) and distributed to the students as part of a larger package at the beginning of term. There are many gaps, that the students fill in during the lecture with additional material. These notes are heavily based on an early version (in word) developed bt Ian Frigaard. I found that this way of presenting the material was not ideal. In 2008 I went back to a traditional blackboard (well, whiteboard combined with doc-cam) presentation of the material without any prepared material. I believe it was an improvement. - pdf projected lecture material, used 2006-2008
dc.publisherUBC Science Education Initiative Materials Archive
dc.rightsCC BY-NC 3.0
dc.subjectDifferential equations
dc.titleLecture presentations, pre-2008
dc.typeLearning Object
dcterms.educationLevelUndergraduate (Lower Division)
dcterms.rightsHolderAuthor(s) of Item
ubc.itemTypeLecture Notes
ubc.courseMATH 256
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