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Item TypeTitleSubjectAuthor(s)Issue DateAccess
PaperAnalytic framework for students' use of mathematics in upper-division physicsphysics and astronomy; mathematics; frameworkBethany Wilcox; Marcos Caballero; Daniel Rehn; Steven Pollock2013Open
OverviewApplied Linear AlgebraApplied Linear AlgebraRichard Froese2012-08-29Open
PaperAssessing Student Learning in Middle-Division Classical Mechanics/Math Methodsphysics and astronomy; assessing learningMarcos Caballero; Steven Pollock2013Publisher
ResourcesAstronomy course resources list from CU BoulderExoplanets and Planetary Science; Galaxies and Cosmology; Stars and Galactic Astronomy; Teaching STEMVarious, CUSEI2019Open
Paper"At the end of my course, students should be able to...": The benefits of creating and using effective learning goalsgeneral; learning goalsKatherine Perkins; Michelle Smith2010Publisher
Lecture NotesAtomic Structure - Hydrogen Atom - June 24, 2009Modern PhysicsCarl Wieman2009-08-13Open
Learning Goals/ObjectivesAtomic Structure learning goalsModern PhysicsCarl Wieman2009-09-17Open
Assignments/ HomeworkBackground knowledgeModern PhysicsCarl Wieman2009-10-01Open
Assignments/ HomeworkBasis and Dimension - 2008S Homework 3Applied Linear AlgebraRichard Froese2009-02-25Open
Assignments/ HomeworkBasis and Dimension - 2008S Homework 4Applied Linear AlgebraRichard Froese2009-02-25Open
Lecture NotesBasis and Dimension - 2008S Lecture Notes Chapter 2Applied Linear AlgebraRichard Froese2008-11-11Open
PaperBenefits and Drawbacks of Using Multiple Instructors to Teach Single Coursesgeneral; multi-instructor coursesFrancis Jones; Sara Harris2012Publisher
PosterBeyond the content: Improving student problem-solving in geneticslife sciences; problem solvingLisa McDonnell; Martha Mullally2014Open
PosterBio-Invention Activities for Small Group Learninglife sciences; invention activities; small-groupsJared L. Taylor; Karen M. Smith; George B. Spiegelman2009Open
PaperBiology concept assessment tools: design and uselife sciences; concept questionsJenny Knight2010Publisher
PaperBuild Your Own Photometer: A Guided-Inquiry Experiment To Introduce Analytical Instrumentationchemistry; inquiry; laboratoryJessie Wang; Jose Rodriguez Nunez; E Jane Maxwell; W Russ Algar2015Publisher
PaperBut Does It Last? Sustaining a Research-Based Curriculum in Upper-Division Electricity & Magnetismphysics and astronomy; sustaining changeStephanie Chasteen; Rachel Pepper; Steven Pollock; Katherine Perkins2012Publisher
OverviewCalculus IVCalculusRichard Froese2012-08-29Open
PaperCalibrating the Difficulty of an Assessment Tool: The Blooming of a Statistics Examinationstatistics; Bloom's Taxonomy; assessmentBruce Dunham; Gaitri Yapa; Eugenia Yu2015Open
PaperChange from Within: The Science Education Initiativegeneral; SEIStephanie Chasteen; Katherine Perkins2014Publisher