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Item TypeTitleSubjectAuthor(s)Issue DateAccess
Assignments/ HomeworkOrthogonality - 2008S Homework 6Applied Linear AlgebraRichard Froese2009-02-25Open
Lecture NotesOrthogonality - 2008S Lecture Notes Chapter 3Applied Linear AlgebraRichard Froese2008-11-11Open
PaperOur best juniors still struggle with Gauss's Law: Characterizing their difficultiesphysics and astronomy; student difficultiesRachel Pepper; Stephanie V Chasteen; Steven J Pollock; Katherine K Perkins2010Publisher
Learning Goals/ObjectivesOverarching Aspects - Course-level learning goalsNatural DisastersFrancis Jones2009-10-08Open
Learning Goals/ObjectivesOverarching goals - Learning GoalsLinear SystemsBrian Wetton; Costanza Piccolo2008-11-04Open
PaperParticipating in the physics lab: Does gender matterphysics and astronomy; gender; student engagement; laboratoryNatasha Holmes; Ido Roll; Doug Bonn2014Publisher
PaperPedagogical transformations in the UBC CS science education initiativecomputer science; SEI; teaching methodsDonald Acton; Kimberly Voll; Steven Wolfman; Benjamin Yu2009Publisher
ThesisPerformance on the Geologic Spatial Visualization Survey: A Comparison Between Junior and Senior Undergraduate Studentsearth and ocean sciences; comparing student groups; spatial visualizationCarrie Wong2011Publisher
In-Class ActivitiesPhotons - Light as a Particle - Electromagnetic Waves Tutorial - May 6, 2009Modern PhysicsCarl Wieman2009-08-13Open
Assignments/ HomeworkPhotons - Light as a Particle - EM waves and photoelectric effectModern PhysicsCarl Wieman2009-10-01Open
Assignments/ HomeworkPhotons - Light as a Particle - Photoelectric effect, photomultiplier tubesModern PhysicsCarl Wieman2009-10-01Open
Learning Goals/ObjectivesPhotons - Light as a Particle - Photons - Light as a Particle learning goalsModern PhysicsCarl Wieman2009-09-17Open
Course CalendarPHYS 250 - CalendarModern PhysicsCarl Wieman2009-08-19Open
Learning Goals/ObjectivesPhysics 101 -- 2011 Fall Term -- Tentative ScheduleEnergy and WavesCynthia Heiner2012-09-14Open
OverviewPhysics 315 - Physics of MaterialsMaterialsVladimir Hinkov; James Day2012-09-24Open
PaperPhysics Exams that Promote Collaborative Learningphysics and astronomy; collaborative learning; assessmentCarl Wieman; Georg Rieger; Cynthia Heiner2014Publisher
PaperPreparing students for class: How to get 80% of students reading the textbook before classgeneral; pre-class assignments; student engagementCynthia Heiner; Amanda Banet; Carl Wieman2014Publisher
PosterProfile of common genetics misconceptions in 1st to 4th year undergraduate biology studentslife sciences; misconceptionsPam Kalas; Lisa McDonnell2013Open
PaperQualitative methods applied in the development of an introductory oceanography concept inventory surveyearth and ocean sciences; concept inventoryLeilani Arthurs; Thomas Marchitto2011Publisher
PosterQuantifying student behavioral engagement based on teaching practices in a large classearth and ocean sciences; student engagement; teaching methods; classroom practices; large classErin Lane; Sara Harris2009Open