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Item TypeTitleSubjectAuthor(s)Issue DateAccess
Lecture NotesAtomic Structure - Hydrogen Atom - June 24, 2009Modern PhysicsCarl Wieman2009-08-13Open
Lecture NotesSolids and Conductivity - June 29, 2009Modern PhysicsCarl Wieman2009-08-11Open
Lecture NotesEmission and Absorption of Light - Atomic Spectra - May 22, 2009Modern PhysicsCarl Wieman2009-08-17Open
OverviewLinear SystemsLinear SystemsBrian Wetton; Costanza Piccolo2014-06-06Open
OverviewCalculus IVCalculusRichard Froese2012-08-29Open
OverviewTectonic Evolution of North AmericaTectonicsJames Mortensen; Brett Gilley2014-06-06Open
OverviewConnecting with Computer ScienceConnecting with Computer ScienceSteve Wolfman2014-06-06Open
OverviewPhysics 315 - Physics of MaterialsMaterialsVladimir Hinkov; James Day2012-09-24Open
OverviewCourse Overview: Energy and WavesEnergy and WavesCynthia Heiner2012-09-25Open
OverviewApplied Linear AlgebraApplied Linear AlgebraRichard Froese2012-08-29Open
OverviewDifferential EquationsDifferential equationsBrian Wetton2012-08-29Open
OverviewEarth Science for EngineersEarth ScienceErik Eberhardt; Ulrich Mayer2014-06-06Open
OverviewThe Catastrophic Earth - Natural DisastersNatural DisastersFrancis Jones2014-06-06Open
OverviewIntroduction to Modern PhysicsModern PhysicsCarl Wieman2013-07-19Open
PaperFacilitating Faculty Conversations: Development of Consensus Learning Goalsgeneral; learning goals; faculty discussionsRachel Pepper; Stephanie Chasteen; Steven Pollock; Katherine Perkins2012Publisher
PaperKeys to a Successful Student-Centered Classroom: Three Recommendationslife sciences; teaching methodsAnne Hoskinson-Marie; Nichole Barger; Andrew Martin2014Open
PaperLongitudinal Study of Student Attitudes in a Biology Programlife sciences; attitudes, beliefs, perceptionsMalin Hansen; Gulnur Birol2014Open
PaperConstructing a Multiple-choice Assessment for Upper-division Quantum Physics from an Open-ended Toolphysics and astronomy; assessmentHomeyra Sadaghiani; John Miller; Steven Pollock; Daniel Rehn2013Publisher
PaperIssues and Progress in Transforming a Middle-division Classical Mechanics/Math Methods Coursephysics and astronomy; course transformationSteven Pollock; Rachel Pepper; Alysia Marino2012Publisher
PaperComparing student, instructor, classroom and institutional data to evaluate a seven-year department-wide science education initiativeearth and ocean sciences; SEIFrancis Jones2018Publisher